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Polyurethane Foam Shapes

Polyurethane Foam Tape

Polyethylene foam sealing tape

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Polyurethane Foam Tape

Polyurethane Foam tapes

These foam tapes are designed for applications that need sealing and/or isolation of different surfaces, or when the configuration of flexibility, sealing, isolation and radius adjustment in curves are critical and complex considerations.

This foam may be used in:

  • Sound and dust isolations
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning seals
  • Acoustic isolators for doors and windows
  • Seals for polyurethane injection
  • Vibration buffering
  • Posting signs
  • Other applications

These foam tapes are mainly manufactured in white and grey, and depending on the client’s density and volume needs, these characteristics may be adjusted hence broadening the color range.

The dimensional characteristics may vary the thickness that starts at 3 mm. The lengths extend up to 10 m.

Density characteristics are adjusted depending on the requirements of each customer, for more information please contact us

Polyurethane Foam Tape

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